Design Portfolio

Below you will find most of my projects created for various clients. Check back often for updates on new designs. Feel free to contact me through the contact page for a quote, or message me directly to my email: jmoses.designs@gmail.com

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All logos are 100% original and tailored to your ideas to ensure that your logo is as one of a kind as it can be.



I am always making sure to communicate with the client to be sure their design is one of a kind or that it is a design that reflects their business or product. Be sure to check when I have design with print combination deals.




From custom logos and designs created by me to digitizing your own artwork for print. The designs shown are designs that were created by me from scratch.




In this category, unfortunately I do not do not have access to these kind of prints yet. In the mean time I will gladly create your design and have it ready for print. Contact me for a Quote.


Decals & Vinyls

Need stickers? I can design them and get them printed. If you have a car/motorcycle club, company or another or design that you would like to be made as a sticker, it can be done. For bottle or can wraps, I will need the dimensions in order to build it correctly. Contact me now if you are interested!

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